Reap the Storm

by Bolshy

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released March 18, 2017

All music written and performed by Bolshy
Recorded by Jacobia Stig @ Drop the Dumbulls Studios, L3
Mixed and Mastered by John Kettle @ Jaraf House Studios
Artwork by Alex Edwards @ Hairy Pear Press




Bolshy Liverpool, UK

A riotous 7 piece pushing the boundaries of Ska Punk combining Klezmer/Afrobeat/Dub/Funk/Calypso

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Track Name: Anthropocene
Well I know this world has taught us that winning this race it seems that we were born at the
beginning of,
requires us to earn, and constantly compete, for advertised commodities we have no need for,
the earth we stand on, supports not just our feet,
it fuels every aspect of our living energy,
we are connected to it,
we can't exploit it, or for us the earth will be ignited.

This world is filled with a cocktail of creatures, each one is as important as all of the others,
If we want to conserve our biodiversity,
we must change our ways, think sustainability.
Well, this is true for a privileged few, to turn a shade greener and see your wage through,
Forced to buy the cheapest products from the biggest companies,
It’s the reality of the majority.

Would you chop the last surviving tree down to feed your hungry family?
Would you be classed as an eco-terrorist by the rest of society?
What will we do now the water is rising? Bury your head in the sand and accept you'll go down
I saw the end it was on the horizon. That was before now we're learning the worst way to drown

And now, we see, it falls to the companies
Controlling us all
To stop chopping down the forests, polluting the seas
And accept responsibility

We don't need no oxygen to breathe
We'll just inhale and fill our lungs with gasoline
The fuse burnt out, now the sky is filled with smoke (the sky is filled with smoke)
I know we've reached the point of no return, now we'll all fucking choke, we'll fucking choke

We are nature defending itself
Track Name: Hierarchicide
No one will lead us to kill all our leaders
We'll stand together and make our own fate
And when they are dead and we all live as equals
We will be free in this world we create,

I'm not saying that we've got all of the answers
But I can't see a face I can relate to on that stage
Given the chance, I'd take my chances,
We don't need a leader, we never have

If they discover themselves and open their minds
A new freedom humanity will find
There will come a day when this system will fall
The only victims are the ones who took it all
The ones who took it all

We know our time will come
Woah, we know our time will come
And when it does, we will take those fuckers down, woah
we know our time will come
Track Name: The 5th Horseman
Can we just admit we eat the fruit the snake gives to us for our frivolous peace of mind?
Though sly the snake may be it has no need to pull the wool over the sheep's eyes.
Though it demonstrates everyday, (presents in a number of ways)
it'll tighten it's grip till our breath does skip and slip away.
The insidious serpent's call is best to fall upon deaf ears,
What blame lies on a snake when sheep throw themselves on farmer's shears?

Do you know how fucking hard it is to watch the beaten just sit through it all?
(My food and home and welfare could be forfeit with my attempt to stand up tall.)
Even if your right to walk the street is the next one to take the fall?
(Then their stranglehold which chokes my life gets tight and breaks my spirit to its core.)

We'll sit, (we'll wait) we'll watch, (we'll stare)
just as blankly as before,
to the woes of those around us till our very own number's called.
For resurgence I was confident but now I'm not so sure.
The serpent's fruit seems bitter now we're engorged and we're

Unresponsive, drooling over our addiction,
for which acceptance is the first stage.
Ask yourself the true extent of your conviction.
Apathy will take us to our grave.

And we already know
How this is gonna go.
We march like lemmings to the cliff-side,
bloody clutches on our comforts till we die.

For every single day we go on
Living our stupid way, we continue
digging grave after grave, not just for
ourselves but for those who bleed for our comforts and know what it really means to pay.

Does the evidence in front of you not make you sick and chill you to your bones?
(Of course it does but the chains that bind force me to care for myself and me alone)
The serpent squeezes out your breath but your heart and mind will always be your own.
(Their stranglehold which chokes my life and i despise is all I really know.)

We'll sit, (we'll wait) we'll watch, (we'll stare)
We are disgraced and appalled.
Would we act the same if our own name was picked and scored?
Too many of this world believe it's all a free-for-all.
The serpent's fruit seems rotten now we're choking and we're

Pacified, we're overfeeding our addiction
despite we know we'll all have to pay.
We feel a surge but only after provocation
and apathy goes on to have it's way.

Standing on the edge of a knife I haven't much left to say,
'I told you so' tastes bitter and i'm just as much to blame.
For every drop of venom that gets pumped into our veins I cried;
"What will it take!?"
They stripped us of our right to medicine.
What will it take?
Took from us the welfare that we need.
What will it take?
Dug up the earth for pots of gold;
what will it take?
Track Name: Ignorance is Strength
The media's run by millionaires who work in their own interest
Trying to sell what they believe whilst trying to dodge the inquest
Current affairs are bought and sold but the real news is never told
Stop trying to hide your dirty work
It's time to let the truth unfold

Tell the truth when it suits you
Cover up real issues and the world still salutes you
We're not blind we see right through your lies
Ignorance is strength or so they say

Siding up to rich countries whilst trying to claim their equity
Hiding their allegiances with pictures of celebrities
Treat the public like a cash cow milk them dry of every drop
Lay the the blame on someone else and tell the pigs to eat their slop

Tell the truth when it suits you
Twist the facts and they will still salute you
You don't care about the blood or the tears
Ignorance is strength so look away
Track Name: Party On
You get to pick your poison but it kills you all the same
Paralysed from the neck up puts your ethics to shame
The hand that feeds you also points the finger if blame
Smiling for the cameras while commanding a drone to aim

The unsupported claim that they are trying to help the people
Will not stand up to the test of our demands
Those who claim their honesty is laced with good intentions
Are the ones who keep the power from our hands

Done with sitting down and shutting up. We've had enough
Rooting for ourselves and not the oligarchs above
Direct action is the one solution to the politicians who never gave a fuck
Fuck them

No voice. The illusion of choice.
Different name, identical policy,
I have no faith in this lack of democracy
No voice. The illusion of choice.
Different face, but still the same motive
Take power to the streets and make our own change

It's time to take what we deserve
Cause we should build instead of serve
And if we're waiting for permission
We will waste all of our words.
Track Name: Open Season
The land belongs to no one, the Earth belongs to all
The victims they are fleeing from the hunter's call
The dogs are filled with bloodlust, the atmosphere is maimed
The animals are cheering as the powerless are slain.

The green grass stained with red now as they paint it with their guns
The merry huntsmen of the shire fill us with disgust
The birds and the bees and the foxes and the trees will cease to make a sound
I know who I'd rather throw to the hounds

Why do you hunt, do you even have a reason?
Apparently murders fun when it's open season
You're completely spineless your ignorance is heaven sent
I hope you enjoy cleansing your land of the innocent

How can you justify? Can you define fair fight?
Your lack of love reflects the way you live your life.

The green grass stained with red now as they paint it with their guns
The merry huntsmen of the shire fill us with disgust
The sound of vengeance echoes through the trees
Feed you to the dogs and let the foxes be.

Hunters will be hunted.
Track Name: Those Who Sow the Wind
Would our doors and our hardwood floors keep us all from sleep
Would we burn our instruments if trees could scream
Would the new golden plains of Brazil infect all of our dreams
In a picturesque life where horizons fall under the scream of trees

Now scram run scatter
The cocoa crop is shattered
But it's dusted off and shelved for the lowest bidder
We throw 'round these facts
Like they're hands against the axe
As if mother natures maladies
Could be cured by our meodies

And we carve a life out of the rainfall
Will we wonder why the sky falls down when we usurp its walls
We can strive for peace before the ruin comes
Or burn the track and claim the race is won
Bless our bark, curse us root and branch

Those who burn their beds for warmth will sleep cold on the floor
Those who gnaw their legs for meat will crawl for ever more
We who melt the land for greed will always seek the shore
Those who sow the wind shall reap the storm

When a tree falls down, does it make a sound
If the person there to hear it was the one who cut it down?
Did the grey wolf cry for its daughter?
Did the hunter weep when confronted with the slaughter?
We're tumbling through the air
Wings broken unaware
When the ground rushes up and we fail to fly
There will be so fucking many who would swear that we'd survive

And we carve a life out of the rainfall
Will we wonder why the sky falls down when we usurp its walls
We can strive for peace before the ruin comes
Or burn the track and claim the race is won
Bless our bark, curse us root and branch

Those who hoard and cannot share will only end up poor
Those who turn their friends away no warmth upon their doors
Those who stand upon their pride cannot endure the scorn
Those who sow the wind shall reap the storm

Those who let their children play with wolves shall surely mourn
Those who set their sights on crowns should surely stay as pawns
The roses that once smelt so sweet have now revealed their thorns
Those who sow the wind shall reap the storm
Track Name: What We Claim To Be
You defend the scene but you forget your fellow human beings
They say you reap the seeds you sow but this harvest's nowhere to be seen
If we don’t stand up to oppression then we have picked a side
Our melodies scream for progression but we're compromised

You can say what you like when you're on top and words will be taken as truth
You can simply deny your involvement in old power structures that rot at the heart of the youth
Our own inaction is indictment, stand for equality

Why do we tolerate, even congratulate, something so far removed from what we claim to be
This culture of oppression can't go on in our community
If you've got no respect then leave

What kind of sacrifice would it be?
Sell the storm on down the river so the water can be clean
No remorse for bigotry, archaic values knock me sick, I ask again what do you really mean?
And if you claim to love all people but see some people as more equal, you perpetuate
established evils
One for all and all for one, cos' after all is said and done we've got to understand what we've become

Combat misogyny, our silence is a tragedy
Another human disempowered by the systematic war on women
Recognise that we are guilty simply by not taking action
This needs to end right now
Track Name: England's Finest
Got Nazi scum trying to take the streets
(Fight them back until they admit defeat)
Suited fascist on the ballot paper
(Trying to convince you they’ll do you a favor)
We've heard your words and we've seen your actions
We'll bring demise to all the factions

Till the sun burns out
Till our lungs have no breath left to shout
We will remain, our promise we will keep, we'll stand our ground
and let them know that these are not your streets

Close your eyes and see a world without dictators
as we all live as anti fascista
We'll smash your hatred with our united fists
When we rid you from this world, you won't be missed
(Bring justice to every racist)
Track Name: Building Walls
Left your life behind, discarded
Now you find yourself disregarded
It's a cold, cold world for you my friend

Building walls, so terrified by legacy of empire’s fall
Abandon any empathy
Their cold, dead hearts are blatant to survey
Must we try to turn away from everything?
Avert our eyes, to keep from seeing anything
That might the truth of the matter betray

Fleeing the wars that were caused by the greed of the men that you'll never meet
Stopped at the border by soldiers of fortune, forced you to live on the street
This is a far cry from the streets paved with gold that you were promised
Surrounded by strangers in a place you don't know with no home and no belongings

Building walls, so terrified by legacy of empires fall
Abandon any empathy
Their cold, dead hearts are blatant to
Violence of borders plain to see
Colonial mentality
Divide and rule keeps us distracted
Controls the masses’ first reaction
Must we try to turn away from everything
Avert our eyes, to keep from seeing anything
That might the truth of the matter betray